Time For A Winter Upgrade

As Vancouver is about to prepare for one of the coldest winter’s the city has ever been through it is time for everyone to upgrade those winter jackets. Your snowboard jacket isn’t as cool as you think it is, and unless you have a snowboard or skis attached to your feet leave it in the closet. And the Michelin man look with the North Face bomber jackets isn’t working for anyone either. Get up on some Canada Goose! You’ll be sweating when its -30 out AND you’ll be looking fresh.

Canada Goose Official Website

Make Art Not War

About 3 weeks ago I found an old tablet that my brother once bought but never put to any use and 6 hours later came up with this. Not too bad eh? Still working on improving hair..slowly getting there. I’ll upload a picture of my new project soon!

In honor of this picture, in case you haven’t already seen this awesome video:

I’m Really Into Goldfish

Hey errbody. Sorry I’ve been so MIA the past month, I’ve been really busy with my portfolio/a website I’ve been developing the past few months. This blog is still a passion of mine and I want to continue to keep an archive of all my favorite things, so today’s post will be a song I’ve been really into lately. The song is called “Fort Knox” and it is performed by a band from Cape Town, South Africa named Goldfish. Check it out it’s an awesome clusterfuck of electronic/70’s/jazz. I love it, enjoy.


PS. The Official Music Video is pretty awesome.